Vertical Memory - Memory: Beyond Space & Time


The challenge for next generation Memory Technologies (Standalone or Embedded) is the move toward an ideal solution that approaches zero ns read/write speed, has unlimited endurance, almost no cell area, and retains data when power is lost.  No single memory currently meets this ideal today.  Instead, we are stuck with a complex hierarchy of different memories that are expensive and difficult to integrate. To reach the ideal goal, memory must use new storage materials and become more vertical: device structures integrated vertically, stacked components in a package, multiple bits per cell.  Vertical Memory is where the future of memory and systems-on-chip or systems-in-package lie.

Vertical Memory represents my vision of the future of semiconductor memory and systems-on-chip.  I consult on volatile & non-volatile memory technologies - stand-alone and embedded and system-on-chip technology.  I have over 30-years experience in developing businesses in leading edge non-volatile & volatile memory and ASIC products & technologies.  Let me help you make the right decisions for your business or your investment.


What is Vertical Memory


Far Left - Micron Technology & IBM are developing a hybrid memory cube (4 memory stacked on a processor) using thru-silicon (TSV) via technology

Top Right - SanDisk 3-D OTP die may lead to future 3-D ReRAM

Bottom Right - Intel demonstrated 64Mb Phase Change Memory (PCM) stacking two-bits per cell vertically

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